Wednesday, 1 June 2011

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Yellow Dress by Nomi Ansari

I love the colour yellow on asian skin, and this yellow dress from Nomi Ansari in her 'Fashion Against Poverty' exhibition is certainly no exception. It is a stunning combination of lemon yellow with slashes of pink and orange. Normally I don't really favour shiny fabric, as it tends to let the outfit down and make it look cheap. In this case, I love how it compliments the silvery work which covers the dress, and adds a bit more glamour to it. I think this would make a really lovely mehndi outfit, and it fits with the traditional colours (especially if, like me, you're Pakistani and like to drench everything mehndi-ish in yellow and green!) I also gotta love the long plait to go with the dress, as this is one thing I am a HUGE fan of, as it can really simplify a look and emphasise the shape of the face.

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