Monday, 13 June 2011

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Kareen Glams it up in 'Marjaani'

I know this is a couple of years old now, but I find that the outfits that Kareena wears in song Majaani are just as contemporary today as they were when this song was first released. The first outfit that we see this in is the 'Amazing Techicolour Dreamcoat' style jacket she has on with this outfit:

I love the style of this jacket, it's bold and vibrant without overcrowding her look, and it goes pretty well with the white 'Ali Baba pants' (as me and my friends call them) style outfit she has on underneath, which I have seen in many mainstream designer's clothes:

The other outfit Kareena wears in this song is this black velvet outfit:

All images owned by respective directors, producers and Eros Entertainment
Although I don't think this outfit is very practical for most of us public shoppers (especially the bellydancing-style chain detail!), I like the smouldering look that Kareena has going here. I think it's the wavy hair that really completes the look, as it really gives a glamorous evening look which is complimented with the glowing gold detail on the black velvet outfit.


  1. I haave totally loved this jacket ever since it caight my eye. Would look fab over a black or navy abaya too I think.

  2. I agree, the blue jacket would look amazing by itself, and doesn't not need the heavy work of the suit underneath, it carries itself off simply by the colour :)