Monday, 6 June 2011

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Earrings in Band Baaja Baraat

Band Baaja Baraat's Anushka Sharma wore little jewellery in general in the film, but she had some beautifully well-crafted earrings throught to accompany her outfits.Here are some snapshots of some of the pieces she wore, which go well with her light, natural toned make up.

All images owned by Yash Chopra Films

I love how simple Anushka's whole look was kept, making the earrings for each outfit stand out more. In most cases, the pieces are quite traditional with a colourful twist, which really compliment the whole style that her character was going for.It's not often that you get to see close up the jewellery pieces that actressed wear in films, and in this case, there are several examples of earrings that look great and look easily accessible to us as well. Not sure who designed the costume jewellery for this film, but will try to find out and update!

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