Thursday, 23 June 2011

MAKE-UP REVIEW: Bipasha Basu's Smouldering Eyes in Barsaat

I have always loved Bipasha Basu's smouldering-eyes look and a wonderful example of this is her bridal make up at the finale of her film 'Barsaat'. I love her dramatic eye make up which is actually kept quite simple, along with beautifully nude/light lips to suit her skin tone to give a glowing look. The eye make up itself is relatively kept to dark eyeliner to shape the eye, with eyeshadows kept to a subtle light pink.

Priyanka wondered whether she should tell Bipasha about the golden monster hanging off her nose

I also love the fact that in no way does Bipasha try to play down the colour of her skin, giving it a beautiful bronzey glow which seems quite smooth and almost seamless in terms of highlights, lowlight and contouring. Coupled with her lovely jewellery set and Bipasha's gorgeous skin colouring, this is a bridal look which is very effective without loading the face with too many features.

 Images owned by Shree Krishna International

Of course in Bollywood Land factors like professional makeup artists and custom-made jewellery is more or less synonymous with Bollywood bridal looks and there's also the issue of stuff like airbrushing, heavy lighting etc., which also helps actresses look beautiful. However I do still think that this is certainly a look which many brides will love (and also non-brides!), especially those who prefer their make up to focus on the eyes, or those who don't want the usual red-lipstick look. It also shows us how effectively make-up can be matched to the skin tone without drowning it in too many colours. All in all, a very sultry look :)

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  1. Smoky eyes with nude lips is one of my fave looks (although I can't always carry it off very well), but it is absolutely spot on in these pics.