Tuesday, 7 June 2011


The House of Rani Emaan is a Pakistani label which also specialises in bridal wear and combines the traditional look with a certain haute couture styles such as long jackets and dresses. I love that their creations are often very glittery and sparkly, and you may recognise their style from a very popular and beautiful long red dress which they designed last year:

Rani Emaan's latest collection has been unveiled earlier this year, which I think will have favourable feedback:

All images owned by Rani Emaan

You can see that the designers have continued with their style of long dresses and crystal work, as well as some jacket styles. You will be able to see some more of their collections here, as well as be able to contact them for price quotes if you're interested in getting something custom made.

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  1. I love the ombre shading effect of the long dresses best I think. Plus Pakistani designers really seem to know how to ratchet up the glamour factir in a way that is flattering even if you are not a size 0 and also not too skimpy and revealing.

    The blue and grey colour ones really caught my eye I think.