Monday, 26 November 2012

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Kareena's Vivid Bangles in 'Halkat Jawani'

I watched Kareena's latest film 'Heroine' recently, which was well-acted by the beautiful actress (although it reminded me slightly of Fashion, and also made me wonder just how much of Heroine was similar to Kareena's own life) - but nevertheless, it was quite an entertaining film.

One thing I loved about the costumes worn by Kareen (which were designed by popular Bollywood choice, Manish Malhotra) was how her dresses in the song 'Halkat Jawani' were paired with vividly colourful, contrasting bangles which looked simple yet very eye-catching.

The first outfit Kareena wore was this orange lengha, which was accessorised with bright metallic gold bangles, (I have very similar bangles from Green Street!), which I liked because they flashed prettily and stood out because they went with the bright orange of her outfit.

The next outfit is this black and hot pink sari, which I loved because of the rich colours, which was set off with with bright blue bangles. I love how the bangles look great with the outfit, without needing to match or compliment them, and how simple the accessories look yet still managing to stand out.

Lastly is this bright, lime green dress which is contrasted with beautiful hot pink bangles, which again don't necessarily match the outfit but still look great with it. I also like the fact that the dress seems to have 'gota' style work which gives the dress a pretty shimmery look.

All images taken from 'Heroine' and belong to respective directors/producers

I really like the idea of matching bright coloured bangles to an outfit to give a contrasting look, and the fact that they are simple makes it easier to put together. This is a really easy look to replicate - I can imagine it would look great for a mehndi night, and the best thing is, these types of bangles are easy to find!

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