Sunday, 25 November 2012

OUTFIT Of The Day: Red and Navy Velvet Anarkali

I went to a wedding recently and finally managed to make good use of an outfit I ordered a few months ago, but never got a chance to wear. Navy and red is a colour combination which I've been seeing a lot in recent months, and I think it is a very flattering combination, classy, easy to wear and easy to dress up.

I wore this dress which I got made by a designer from the Paklinks forums, an outfit which I was quite pleased with due to the high level of quality and the excellent stitching. I accessorised with navy heels, silver bangles and a simple silver clutch (and then glammed up with red lips!), as I think the work on the dress was quite sparkly.

Dress - Paklinks forums
Clutch bag - Oasis
Shoes - Kurt Geiger
Bangles - Shringar, Green Street

And here's me wearing the dress (excuse the awkward pose, I think my sister was on the side watching me and making fun!), which I chose to wear with a simple, plain dark blue hijab.

I think that this dress was quite a flattering shape, although in hindsight, I would have preferred a longer dress, the length that it actually was made it very easy to walk around in, and very comfortable too. As much as I LOVE wearing maxi dresses and long anarkalis, the one hassle about them is making sure that you don't trip on your own folds - and sometimes it can be a nice change to wear something which isn't as long but still looks pretty. I think that this look went quite well together, the silver work enhances the colours of the dress and didn't look too blingy, and it was certainly a very easy look to put together.


  1. MashAllah... I love it!

  2. Who was the designer on paklinks that you had it made from?

  3. Hi, it was MK Designs, the Facebook group is here: