Friday, 23 November 2012

COLOUR COMBINATION LOVES: Fawn and Coral Pink at ‘Mijwan Sonnets in Fabric’ fashion show

I love this theme of beige/fawn coupled with a feminine coral pink, as seen in this Manish Malhotra dominated fashion show from just a couple of months ago. It's not often that I see a show where I love everything on the catwalk, but this is definitely one of them - every one of these pieces are pretty, feminine and gorgeous, and each one has something about it which makes me love it.

What I love about this colour combination is how easy it is to match make-up to, coral pink is a colour which I find very flattering Asian skin tones, and it certainly looks amazing on these celebrities here too!

While some of these pieces may not be practical in the real world (i.e. too heavy or slightly revealing), I think the designs of some of these are just beautiful, and the colour combination is just perfect.



Images from here and here

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