Friday, 16 November 2012

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Leaf-shaped hair slides

I'm not one who has the opportunity to dress my hair up due to my hijab, but when I do, I'd love to do something like this. It's amazing how a single piece of accessory can make the whole look, like this pretty leaf-design hair comb. This would also be perfect for a bride looking for a classy, elegant look for her big day - I have seen a lot of brides who want the slightly more Western style go for this look, especially for a more vintage look.

My sister wore something very similar to this on her reception which she used to pin her veil in - and it looked very pretty and timeless (although hers was not leaf-shaped - I shall try to get pictures!), and it's definitely useful for other occasions for glamming up simple hair styles. And the best thing about these is that they can be found in English shops too!

Image via Allechant


  1. Where is that from? Do you have any weblinks for the hair peice?

  2. I have no idea where this one is from, been trying to find out with no luck! But there's some companies which do similar hair slides, like this one: