Wednesday, 28 November 2012

On the Catwalk, On a Celebrity: Dita von Teese in Green Sabyasachi

I'm sure you know by know what a big fan I am of the beautiful designs of Sabyasachi, his designs are just beautiful, luxurious and elegant, and I love how the designer's Facebook page tries to reach out to different branches, like showing the public in Sabyaschi, as well as celebs, photo-shoots and catwalk shows.

I would have loved to have done a series on real people wearing designer clothes, but I don't like posting pictures of people whose images may be on the Internet without their consent. So here's something more a bit more safer, designer outfits on the ramp versus the outfits on famous celebrities! (not that I'm saying celebrities aren't entitled to their privacy, but it's just easier to get official pictures of them!)

I'm loving that more Western celebrities are embracing South Asian designs, such as the models and actors dressed in Manish Malhotra at Naomi Campbell's birthday party, and looking fab with it too. So when I saw this Sabyasachi design in a Dita von Teese photo shoot, I was quite pleased with how well she carries it off, it looks elegant, flattering and has a hint of the 'old style' era about it.

On the Catwalk
This is the dress on the catwalk and in the photo shoots, looking beautiful glamorous and green, I love how it has that Spanish sort of feel, and that the embroidery on it looks so intricate.

On the Celeb
And this is Dita von Teese wearing the outfit, looking graceful and feminine. I like how it's less crowded here, she's not wearing the heavy necklace piece from the catwalk so it looks less busy, and the skirt looks fuller (it looks like it's made of a more chiffony material here, the ones in catwalk images look a bit more silky, but that could just be picture quality!) Nevertheless, I think this dress is really flattering with Dita's classic pale skin-black eyeliner-red lips look, and I like how she's not wearing any accessories because the dress is enough of a statement piece. I love this dress, it looks great on Dita von Teese, and I love that she doesn't look tall and stick-thin in it, but that she still carries it off marvellously.

Images from Sabyasachi Facebook page

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