Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Happy Diwali from Sukhman Grewal Photography...

...to all of you who are celebrating tonight,

A good friend of mine is an astonishing photographer, she's always managed to capture something which I will always fall in love with, my favourite of her series of photographs is her trip to India (although she has travelled to other countries and has beautiful images to show for it).

Soni of Sukhman Grewal Photography, along with her twin sister Noorie, has put together a beautiful depiction of a Mughal-era Queen, as part of a re-imagining of Bandi Chorr Divas, (which is also celebrated on the same day as Diwali by Sikhs), remembering the release of 52 Kings from imprisonment by the Mughal Emperor, Jahangir on the day of Diwali.

My absolutely favourite image of the series is this depiction of the Queen waiting for her husband with a diya in her hand - photographed by Noorie and modelled by Soni, the picture's captured the essence of the times perfectly. My sister managed to sum it up well, the reason it looks so good is because of the amount of realistic detail which has gone into it, not to mention the fact that it echoes an era which our mothers belonged to, short kameezes, long plaits and vintage jewellery! It's enough to make me want to raid my mum's cupboard and buy myself a few borla tikkas and vintage-style bangles!

Be sure to look through the rest of Soni's images, they are a real treat and each show a beautiful journey.

Have a beautiful evening, everyone x

Image belongs to Sukhman Grewal Photography

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