Tuesday, 24 January 2012

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Priyanka Chopra's Romantic 'Laal Dupatta' Style

'Laal Duppatta' from 'Mujhse Shaadi Karoge' is one of those classic, romantic songs which you may hear at a few weddings (or two), and the outfits which Priyanka is dressed are no less suitable for a romantic song, with the theme being wedding-style dresses and red dupattay. I like how each of these outfits are so different from each other, and yet compliment the styles of the song, as well as Priyanka's jewellery and make-up style.

The first outfit of this song is this lovely red and navy velvet lengha, which is a slightly fitted affair but suits Priyanka's tall frame. This is a colour combination which is still in vogue today, I have seen many outfits with the same combination of red and dark blue velvet, and it is indeed a very elegant colour combination. I also like the multicoloured bangles and 'haath-phool' jewellery on her hands, which is a nice detail as well.

The next outfit is a red lengha in similar first one in shape, but in a more scarlet shade of red, and with slightly heavier detail to it. I love the setting in the background for each outfit, and with the candle lights setting a soft light, it gives more of a whimsical look for this outfit, and softens the glare of red. The heavy work on the top of this outfit is balanced out by the less heavier skirt, and the fact that there is not too much jewellery either, whch balances out well.

The next outfit in the 'laal dupatta' theme is this red, shimmering sari, which shows off Priyanka's figure very well, and is surprisingly quite a simple sari which isn't too overloaded with embellishment. Again, this is a bit of a bright red colour, with the emphasis on this outfit being on the cut and drape of the sari rather than detail work.

And lastly is this pink number which is a prettily embroidered outfit, with mirrors on the skirt. I think the best  part of this outfit is the embroidered sleeves which add a bit of spice to the outfit and makes it a little more unique. Again, I like how the bangles and jewellery are matched to the outfit without looking too 'cute' or matched together, and the pink colour of this outfit seems to be quite a flattering one.

All images belong to producers/directors of Mujhse Shaadi Karoge

I really like how the red dupatta is carried through in all of these outfits, and gives a nice, romantic touch to the song. While this is not necessarily a classic 'wedding-y' song, it has a similar mood to it which is emphasised by the rich outfits and the candle-lit settings. Although this film (and song) is a good few years old, the outfits still look very wearable and fresh, and there is enough range to appeal to different tastes.

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  1. that first outfit reminds me of Wonderwoman!!