Friday, 27 January 2012

Copycat DESIGNS & DRESSES #6: Karma's Tea Pink Jamawar Suit

I love this outfit, designed by Pakistani label Karma, simply because it's so, very, 'me' in terms of the style and the shape. I have always found this dusky, tea pink colour very flattering as well, and it's definitely a colour which has remained in vogue for the last few years. I fell in love the style and fitting of the kameez as soon as I saw it, and took the first opportunity I could to have something like this replicated.

This is my version of the outfit, which I got made a good while ago (around 4 or 5 years ago in fact!), which I have kept as I still find very, very wearable, despite today's long dresses and flowing kameezes trends. The outfit I have is made from pretty much the same shade of pink and the gold print (please excuse the silly way I'm standing, this is the only picture I could find of the outfit!), and I tried to keep the overall look about the same, although the length of my kameez is a bit longer than the original.

The actual embellishment was made up of stones, beads and a small amount of metal-work, with it being mainly on the neckline and the bell-shaped sleeves. While the kameez is quite fitted, the salwar is a little baggy, and is also a bit stiff, as it is made from a brocade-type material. Similarly, the kameez is made from a thick cotton with jamawar print (which is basically like a gold print similar to designs seen on brocades or jacquard material).


THE GOOD: The think I like most about this outfit is the colour of the outfit, and the paisley print on the kameez. It makes the fabric look really rich and shimmery, without looking too heavy or over the top. I also LOVED the bell-shaped sleeves, which were nice and fitted at the top and then had the most work along the elbow and at the end of the sleeve, so that it didn't overcrowd the rest of the outfit.

THE BAD: Looking at the beads and gemstones on the work of the kameez, I would have preferred some pearl work or some dull gold, antique style work, which would have gone with the tea pink shade of the kameez better, and would also be closer to the original design. I also would perhaps have tried out the neckline of the kameez as a  high collar style as well, as this looks like something which would suit this design.

THE UGLY: The awkward shape of salwar (the bottoms) as they puffed out a bit, due to the thick fabric being slightly stiff.

OVERALL: I really like this outfit, and find it as wearable today as when I first got it made five years ago. Tea pink is a colour has been in vogue for some time now, and I find it to be a very classic, flattering colour on a lot of skin colours, without it being too bright or overpowering. I got this outfit for quite a good price, and was quite happy that the fabrics and the colours were quite closely matched up, and that the stitching was pretty well done too. I also like the fact that this is quite a feminine outfit, without being too girly or typical in style, and looks nicely subtle.

Although this is a kameez outfit and not the long flowy outfits that are often seen in today's trends, this is a fairly classic shape for a kameez, and looks traditional enough to still look lovely on, and goes to show that something doesn't have to be seen as 'fashionable' to look pretty. I've always had the viewpoint that rather than follow JUST fashion, you should follow different inspirations and beautiful styles, such as from different eras, designs or even cultures to make it more unique and appealing. This kameez is one examples of outfits I have which look 'classic' because they feel timeless regardless of what is in fashion, and because of how pretty everything looks when it is put together.

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