Tuesday, 24 January 2012

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Priyanka Chopra's Mehndi Styles in 'Mujhse Shaadi Karoge'

This is another song from Mujhse Shaadi Karoge featuring the lovely Priyank Chopra, which is full of lovely styles and outfits, and what I like even more than the outfits are the beautiful decor and sets which compliment the outfits. There's a range of styles here, all of which would be perfect for a mehndi and are easily achievable looks.

First of all is a yellow lengha outfit, surprisingly simple with a red border and very traditional jewellery (such as the borla tikka with matching necklace and earrings). The top of this outfit is embroidered with what seems to be strips of lace and 'gota' style work (strips of fabric), which works well to add some detail without overloading the outfit. I also love the scenery for this outfit, which is mainly decorated with marigold garlands and fairy lights, as well as candles on every step.

The next outfit is this sweet, pink sharara suit, which has a fitted kameez and flowy, baggy pants. I think the one thing which stands out most about this look is the big jhoomar that Priyanka is wearing, and how well each part of her jewellery has been put together to create a 'classic', old-style look. This is accompanied by baby-blues and light green decoration and settings to help set off the pink even more, and makes the pink look even more of a flattering colour.

This green outfit is another lovely outfit - basically a fitted kameez again, and with baggy, patiala style salwar. It's quite an easy look to copy, especially as patiala salwars were very much in fashion on the high street a few years ago. It's a lovely spring green, and the simplicity of it is, again, what makes it look so pretty - although my favourite part of this outfit definitely has to be the paranda (or hair piece) weaved into Priyanka's hair (you should see the collection I have of these). I think green is one of those colours which can go wrong in Asian clothes, and it can be a little underused in today's trends, yet here the colour used is just right to look fresh and very wearable.

Lastly is this red and navy lengha outfit (which is more or less the same one used in a previous song), but still looks very pretty as a bridal outfit. I am loving the combination of rich red and navy blue velvet, and have seen this in the high street as well as the catwalks in today's trends, showing that it is quite a popular combination. I also like how the designers made this outfit look more bridal with the jewellery, right down to the naath (or nose ring), as well as slightly heavier make-up.

There's a really nice mix of outfit styles and colours here; I like the way different styles subtly point to a different era, and seem to  be outfits which can be easily copied. As well as this is the beautiful decorations to compliment each scene, which have been done really well and look very glitteringly pretty.

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  1. great post i loved all these looks, i got married around them same time this film came out, so i was kinda inspired!