Monday, 22 August 2011

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Kajol's Glittering Kameezes in K3G

Another oldie for you! I absolutely love the kameez suits that Kajol wears in Bollywood classic Kabhi Khush Khabi Gham, particularly due to the rich fabrics, gold prints and banarsi print borders, and wonderfully fitted kameezes throughout! Kajol wears these outfits magnificently, she carries off a simple yet shimmering look which looks as beautiful in today's age as it did when the film was released.

First is the lovely golden yellow outfit she wears, with silvery work heavily embroidered on the suit, making it look very sparkly yet surprisingly sunny. It's such a feminine outfit, and paired with her gold jewellery looks like a really flattering outfit. What I also liked is that Kajol's skin tone really shines here; a lot of asian women don't always feel confident enought to wear a bright yellow yet this outfit really shows its flattering hues would suit any skin colour.

The next outfit which I adored is, similarly fitted, peacock blue outfit, a lot more simpler than the previous with work on the sleeves and hem in a gold, banarsi fabric style, or even like the gota style of gold strips. Peacock blue is one of  my absolute favourite colours, and below you can certainly see why, it looks great in a modest, simply cut kameez which shows off the figure.

And of course there's the red and blue outfit in which we are introduced to Kajol in the movie. Again, another outfit which is simple in style, yet it's shape and the addition of bangles and a dip-dye dupatta give it so much more character. Again, there's not much embellishment here and yet it's a striking outfit with it's gold print and border.

All images owned by directors/producers of Kabhi Khush Kabhi Gham

Definitely a beautiful mix of kameezes in a flattering style worn by Kajol, and certainly something I would want to get made myself. I can't quite decide which one I like most because they all have such a similar style and yet with each colour and jewellery each outfit is quite unique. Kajol at one of her best, I think, here : )


  1. Hmmm...something like my momma would wear.

  2. it very beautiful but dont you have from the yellow one and the blue one other pictures i want the same but im from germany and need pictures from head to toe