Tuesday, 2 August 2011

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Sequined Khusay from Unze

I LOVE love love wearing khusay (otherwise known as 'indian slippers') they're easy to run around in, look suitably traditional for my tastes, and can easily be matched for an outfit, especially if you don't want to dress up too much (although it takes a while to get used to wearing very flat shoes, and its confusing having shoes which don't have a left or right!). Combine this with my latest phase, sequins, and here are some khusay slippers which I couldn't resist buying from Unze, a well-know khusay brand (although it also does sandals, slipper and court shoes). There were several colours available, a range of colourful metallic colours, but I finally settled on a bronze and a black pair.

First up is the bronze coloured ones, which I was quite pleased with as it was a lovely rich colour and nice and shimmery without looking too flashy:

The second pair I purchased were these black ones, which were even more subtle than the bronze ones, and would be easy to wear with most of my clothes:

 All in all, I think these are great accessory for the summer and a very pretty way to jazz up an outfit. I like how sturdy and well made these slippers are as well compared to a lot of other ones you may find on the high street, and they were very, very reasonably priced! 

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  1. I love these! I recently moved to london and bought my first pair from southall. Will definitely check out Unze.