Friday, 12 August 2011


I've waited a while to write this post as I wanted to do justice to one of my all time favourite designers: Pakistani couture designer Bunto Kazmi, and as far as the elite goes, Bunto is right at the top. Bunto Kazmi is famed for her regal, traditional styles, and although she designs formal dresses and partywear, it is consistently her bridal wear which she has become famous for (thus coining the phrase 'Bunto Brides' to signify those rich - and lucky - enough to have their wedding dress made by her). What is also special about this designer is that you will only find out about her through word of mouth - and it's mainly brides and fashion critics lauding her beautiful designs - she has no website or printed adverts, and rarely shows her work on the ramps. The last time her work was on exhibited was her formal wear collection in 2008, some of which are below:

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There are extensive disscussions and images of Bunto Kazmi's work, most notably on Pakistani forum GupShup which has plenty of images of real brides wearing her work, which I will leave you to peruse at your own leisure (as I think it would be unfair to post pictures of brides that I don't have permission to post!) What stands out most from this designer is the sheer high quality of her wok, and the beautiful intricate designs that go into each dress. For me it is easy to spot a Bunto design because of the similarity in designs, regal traditional styles and rich work, as you can see below. Recent updates show that the designer is now booked until mid 2012 before she takes any more orders, showing just how popular she is.

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Please do look through the forum to see Bunto's beautiful work, her signature work at the moment appears to be long, heavily decorated kameez tops with lengha skirts, and beautifully done, heavy dupatta work. I know this sounds like every other asian wedding dress, but have a look at her work and you will see how traditional and stunning her work is. Admittedly Bunto's designs are not cheap - at current they are said to be around six or seven lakhs (around £5000-6000) which is an astounding amount to spend on a dress, and yet this has only made her designs something to covet - many girls have said they are simply going to save up more in order to get a prestigious Bunto design, Indeed her dresses have been described as heirlooms, timeless and valuable which can be passed down from generation to generation. You can tell I'm a fan, and certainly, for me these dresses are the stuff of (desi) fairytales, and I think they carry a certain charm that no other designer can measure up to. I doubt I would be able to afford to buy one of her outfits, but it's doesn't make the appeal of her designs any less alluring. What do you think of her designs?

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