Tuesday, 23 August 2011

LOVELY HIJAB: Feathery Hijab Accessories

One style I have come across more and more in recent times is feathered accessories for scarves and hijab. I've tried this style a few times myself and it is quite a dramatic look, so it's something that has to be understated in order for the hijab not to look tacky and as if you have an ostrich on your head! These feathered clips and pins are quite easy to find in the shops, and don't cost much at all. They're great for glamming up a hijab for a special night out, and it's easy to experiment with them: some girls choose to wear them on the side of their scarves, while I have seen others wear them at the lapel of their jackets with the scarves or at the shoulder for a different look. There's a huge range of sizes, colours and shapes out there, some of them look lovely on. Is this something you would try wearing?

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