Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Bina Khan is a very successul make-up artist in the South Asian, known especially for her softer-look bridal make up looks. She is based in Karachi, Pakistan, but travels around a lot of London and America as well. At current, she is one of the biggest make up artists in Pakistan, with an impressive clientele and a beauty salon which also teaches beauty classes for those who want to learn how to do make up like Bina Khan. She currently has her own Facebook group and her own blog, and also writes for Pakistani magazine Newsline, giving her thoughts on make-up and useful tips. What I love about her make-up style is her subtle, blended look, and her very soft lips and smokey eyes signature look which she has become famous for. I love this look as this is something which suits many Asian women, rather than the caked-on-white-powder look with glaring red lipsticks of the old days. I also find that this toned down look has the effect of making the natural beauty of the wearer shine out more.

Here are just a few pictures of her work, both bridal make-up and party make up:

The ever gorgeous model Aamina Sheikh modelling for Bina Khan

  From Bina Khan's article on blending eyeshadow

Fashion designers Sana Safinaz get made over by Bina Khan

Bina's Brides:

All photographs in this post belong to Bina Khan

I'm sure you've guessed by now that I'm quite a big fan of Bina Khan's work and her style, it makes a nice change from the dramatic look I've seen on so many people! Some people have criticised that Bina Khan's look is a little repetitive and relies on the natural beauty look too much, a view which I can understand (because who sees themselves as being naturally beautiful?! apart from supermodels that is), but I think that people who choose to go to Bina Khan do so because they want this look, and because they feel more comfortable with a lighter amount of make up which doesn't change their face into looking like someone else. Personally I admit that I like Bina Khan's more dramatic look, the dark eyes and the dusky lipsticks, as these stand out more (and if you're paying a lot of money you want it to look like you have make-up on!), but I think that Bina Khan is a great artist, and most people who see her for both party and bridal make-up seem very happy with what they get :)

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