Tuesday, 9 August 2011

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Green and Gold dress by Nilofer Shahid

I've seen this outfit floating about on the Internet a few times, and I love the sunny gold, cream and yellow mixed with the vibrant green and rainbow-coloured dupatta and 'chatta patti' (an style of work involving piecing material together - think quilting). And yep, it's another Nilofer Shahid outfit, which was exhibited in the Bridal Couture Week last November:

  Images belong to Irfan Sheikh Photography

I love the vibrant yet feminine colours of this piece, it's beautifully made and yet still looks like such a simply cut dress. It's a dress that reminds me of summer gardens and gorgeous golden regality. Here's another picture of the same dress (looking a bit like a peacock displaying it's tail), glittering with all the gold tailoring on the dress. What a lovely, glamorous outfit and what a lovely way to put such bright colours together.

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