Saturday, 11 June 2011

COPYCAT DESIGNS & DRESSES #2: HSY Purple & Silver Sari

Back to what's in my wardrobe! One of the outfits I have which is based on a designer's outfit is this is this lovely, sparkly HSY purple sari below, which was exhibited some time early last year:

Image owned by HSY Studio

This is a sari that was intended for a close friend's wedding, and was worn by a group of us as we were meant to 'bridesmaids' in matching outfits. We used this outfit as our base, if you like, and did not fully copy it as its design was something that we didn't feel was appropriate for us. Instead we used the main parts of the sari that we liked (the silver border and the main colours) and altered it to suit us. The results are as below:

The main changes we made was the actual blouse, which we kept in the plain purple fabric with a border to match the sari, and the fact that it had sleeves on them to suit the wearer (mine was the longer sleeved sari on the far right). We also had a fuller blouse made down to the waist and also varied the scattered-diamonte look from the original design to a more neater patterned style of sequins on the main sari piece (if that made sense!)

THE GOOD: I love the colour that it ended up as, which was a lovely shade to suit us, and the fact that the border looked very, very sparkly as desired on the main night. The overall look was also surprisingly simple due to the changes that we made, which made the sparkly bits stand out even more.

THE BAD: The saris were quite awkward to walk in, due to the heavy work on the borders which dragged down the material a bit. I also think we lost some of the glam-factor from the original design by making the sequins that are scattered on the sari too standard and patterned, making it look a bit more ordinary that the original.

THE UGLY: Tripping on my sari several times. Eek.

OVERALL: I think this was generally a success, as the colours of the sari were very flattering and this is what mainly contributed to the sparkle of the saris. I'm not a big fan of sequins (mainly because I rarely see them used well) but in this case, it meant that there was lighter work on the sari that could be scattered about. Wearing a sari is pretty much a novelty for me, this is one of the (very) few times I have worn a sari and I think that it was quite flattering on my figure, and managed to look quite elegant. I also quite liked the blouses as well, as if we had tried to copy the original it would have looked OTT and would have ruined the overall look. I'm not sure if I would  have improved much on this outfit, since I'm not an expert with saris but I think this made a nice outfit.

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  1. Hi, Can you please tell me where you had this outfit replicated and how much, Im absolutely loving the shade

    Sonii x