Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Omar Mansoor is a London-based Pakistani fashion designer, who has already made a splash with his East-meets-West fusion style work (which isn't easy to accomplish) and has already featured in several fashion events. I am not alone in applauding this emerging designer, who has garnered a niche of his own, combining intricate draping and work, with flowy, sylph-like fluidity in many of his dresses:

With collections entitled "Stitching the Gap", "Paradise Lost" and " After the Dance", there is clearly a lot of influence from both the East and West in regards to the meanings attached to each poetic-sounding collection. Having seen some of these designs up close,  I can see that there is a lot of love that goes into the designs of his pieces, Mansoor's dresses often have embellishments of beads, crystals and sequins which are tastefully and intricately worked into the dresses. While many of his designs are meant to be styled after evening dresses, the elegant beauty and femininity of them show how it really is aimed at any woman to be flattering. His latest collection from London Fashion week earlier this year show no different:

All images owned by Omar Mansoor and Shahid Malik Photography

Using very natural colours and very flowy fabrics, this collection (called "Paradise Lost") really does capture the beauty of the female figure in the elegant cut of his designs. Mansoor may be a young designer, but he is certainly making his mark, as other reviews has stated how his designs have been selling out quite quickly.
Watch this space :)

Many thanks to the gracious Omar Mansoor for the pictures and the information. If you would like to see more, visit his website or email him at

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  1. Assalam-alaikam,
    "East-meets-West fusion style" - not sure I can see it myself, but pretty dresses all the same.