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BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Dia's Dreamy Style in 'Love Breakups Zindagi'

I have yet to see a fashion blogger who doesn't love Dia Mirza, and it's no wonder, when she looks stunning almost every time we see her, and her dress sense is impeccable (just look here to see how well she pulls off the 'Meena Kumari' look). I was relieved that her recent film 'Love Breakups Zindagi' shows no different, Dia looks beautifully dressed in almost every scene, with her hair in beautiful curls and her make-up done up very subtly which looks very flattering. The film itself is not bad, but the story-line is not new (it reminded me a bit of Tanu Weds Manu, but with a bit less masala!) - but the wardrobe is beautiful.

Designed by Indian designers Ritu Kumar, with Manav Gangwani providing the costumes for one of the songs as well, I can see that a lot of work went into this outfits for this film, since not only the Asian outfits looked great, but the casual outfits and the Western outfits worn by the girls look carefully put together and very flattering.

First up is this absolutely beautiful white and gold dress, worn by Dia as part of a series of functions in the film for her friend's wedding. I love how classy and wearable it looks, it looks like something which has come off the catwalk, because of the flowy shape and the beautiful work. I also like how modest it looks, and how it looks like something which would suit women of any shape or age, and it certainly looks lovely with Dia's simple hair and make-up.

Next is this red and rich purple top, which has more of a fun look to it, especially as the jacket reminds me of a slightly Rajasthani style (so does the work on the skirt, actually), and the bold blocks of colours look great, especially with the mustard and purple hem. Again, this looks quite wearable, and very suitable for a wedding or a mehndi.

I also like the outfit her friend (the bride-to-be) wears, a yellow and multi-coloured suit, which makes a really pretty mehndi outfit. I like how the bright yellow top is balanced out by the skirt, which is made from colourful fabric, and also the fact that it's not a heavy outfit, but rather something which looks light and summery.

Also worn by Dia is this similarly funky salwar kameez outfit during the wedding function, while she is performing her dances. There is something quite 'Indian' about this to me, I have seen very similar outfits like this from India which look colourful like this, with similar work and are also comfortable, so it's easy to imagine finding something like this. I'm not sure about the cut-out style at the back, but Dia pulls it off well and it looks quite funky.

Next is the outfit worn by the bride-to-be the day before her wedding, which I thought was pretty because of how pretty the embroidery and work looked. The combination of orange, maroon and cream is an interesting one, but it seems to work and it looks quite elegant - I like the fact that the gold hem on the dupatta and the skirt tie the outfit together, without looking garish or cheap.

My favourite look in this film (if there are any!) is the one worn by the bride on her wedding day - it's quite a different one for a Bollywood film. I love seeing brides in colourful outfits, and this one is lovely - tea pink with blue, mint green and gold accents, which set off the outfit perfectly. I also like how her make-up and jewellery are not too heavy or light either, it's a very feminine look and one which could easily be replicated. The outfit also follows current trends with the long kameez and a lengha underneath, which looks quite traditional yet also has a slightly modern twist to it with the colours.

I also love the fact that the same outfit is worn casually by the bride after the ceremony, showing how she can dress it down (it wouldn't look out of place at an Asian function at all!), especially with the bride's hair worn a bit more casually and with her duppatta on her shoulder instead of her head - which really gives a different look.

Lastly is the outfit worn by Dia at the wedding, which looks beautifully traditional with her jewellery, and is a flattering off white and gold. Again, her hair and make-up are done very simply, but also compliments her whole look, and lets her beautiful features stand out. Her outfit is quite Punjabi-fied, which also looks great with the soft colours of the bride's outfit, and is similarly quite feminine.

All images belong to directors/producers of Love Breakups Zindagi

All in all, I loved most of the outfits in this film - I liked the fact that all of these outfits are extremely wearable, yet look so beautifully made and with such flattering colours. There seems to be both a Pakistani and Indian influence on a lot of the outfits, and some of them are quite traditional too, yet also very wearable. I like the fact that most of the outfits are modest and practical - they have full sleeves, they are a flattering cut, and they are not over-done or unrealistic for a wedding.

Which one was your favourite outfit?

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