Monday, 7 January 2013

On the Catwalk, On a Celebrity: Sonaksi Sinh in Navy Manish Malhotra

Here's another piece I liked, a flowy, rich blue maxi dress, which I really liked due to the rich flares of colour, the delicate embroidery on the waist and the low of the dress. I wasn't a big fan of the sweetheart-style plunge neckline, but it does add a bit of boldness to the dress (although personally I'd do without it!). Seen on the ramp for one of Manish Malhotra's shows, this was one piece I really liked, although it seems to favour thin women. I also really liked the fact that this dress didn't look shiny,but more like raw silk without looking too stiff.

This dress was worn by the lovely Sonakishi Sinha for Big B's birthday party last October, and I think she pulled it off wonderfully. I liked the fact that the neckline seemed a bit less extravagant on her, and the fact that she isn't super-stick-think but still looks great in the dress. Her make-up compliments the dress as well, with smokey eyes and pink lips, and her jewellery was quite understated, to emphasise the cut of the dress and the richness of colour. (The only thing which I did notice was that her dupatta looks slightly like a cape, but that's probably just the way it's been draped and the way she is standing). All in all, this outfit looked fab on the actress; simple, yet very elegant and flattering.

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  1. Agreed! Not sure it would be easy to replicate though!

  2. Navy blue and hot pink is one of my favourite colour combinations right now - this outfit has the perfect balance of the two.