Thursday, 31 January 2013

GETTING THE LOOK: Gul's Style Bridal Look on Asiana Magazine

I saw this in the Asiana Wedding magazine today, and loved the look. I loved even more that inside there was a break-down on how to get the look. While I think she has a LOT of accessories on, because the outfit is not too full on, it looks really pretty together (although neither the wedding lengha nor the accessories come cheap!).

I'd like to look at different ways to get looks, and also perhaps some cheaper alternatives, as not all of us may have the cash to spend on a luxurious look, but I also do think there are a lot of alternative shops out there for those who are looking for similar accessories but would like to spend less!

I'll probably have to look around the shops and do some research, but in the meantime, enjoy the breakdown of the make-up and the outfit. I LOVE the soft, yet dramatic make-up done on the model here, it's just at the right tone and it's something you can try to replicate for different occasions.

 Image taken from Asiana Wedding Magazine

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