Friday, 1 February 2013

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: The Play Clan Sari Collection

The Play Clan are "a fashion, graphic art and design playhouse telling stories about local Indian culture as assorted curios for your wardrobe and home", which I think is a very interesting concept. While they do all sorts of clotheswear and home goodies, their recent sari collection caught the eye of Vogue India recently, and with the funky prints and beautiful colours, it's no wonder why.

The sari collection below is bold, colourful and daring, the prints shows Indian-style buildings, modern women and some seriously funky art - and while it's not something I think I'd wear, I do really like them! I also like the fact that they're not the average, dressy saris you see at weddings - they're arty, light and most probably, as suggested by Vogue India, aimed at younger women.

Images taken from Vogue India

I also love their other outfits and dresses they are selling, which beautifully mixes Indian culture with Westernised, contemporary art. I've had a quick look through their shop, and I'm in love with their silk print dresses, which I'd love to buy (they seem to cost around £35 each, if I've worked that out correctly!) The colours are bright, the designs are beautifully drawn, and these look like they would fit right in with a bustling market like Camden Market or a trendy shop like Topshop.

 Images belong to Play Clan website

I really like the whole attitude of this company, it's fresh, different and street-smart, and I'm pretty sure it must be quite popular too. I also like how they've interweaved India into their products, showing how the inspiration comes from various parts of different cities, and how different parts of rural, metropolitan and art gets a space on their products.

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