Tuesday, 12 February 2013

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Bees' New Jahan Collection

I've been lucky enough to be given a peep into the new Jahan collection by one of my favourite jewellery retailors Bees, which is a new collection released just a few days ago, following on from the store's Mughal Princess collection from last year. I've written before about how much I like their well-crafted pieces, and I haven't changed my opinion since - the new pieces are beautifully regal and have been well thought out - I love the fact that there's a strong Mughal theme to the pieces, as in my opinion, there isn't a lot of jewellery like this which is accessible in the high street.

Here's just a few pieces from their collection which would make great, classic pieces for a bride - they're elegant and striking. I really like the use of pearls too, as this is a growing fashion with bridal jewellery too, and it's not often easy to find jewellery which uses pearls well.

I can certainly see the appeal of Bees' jewellery when they bring out beautiful new collection likes these - my favourite piece is the necklace, it's certainly something I would consider buying for my own Big Day. I like simple, beautiful pieces of jewellery, and these certainly fit the bill - the mix of white and gold is beautiful and one that can never go wrong. I can imagine this being worn for several wedding events - whether it coul be part of a Valima or reception outfit, a Nikah outfit, or even a registry ensemble - it would certainly look great with any!

What do you think of the Jahan collection?

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