Wednesday, 18 February 2015

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: A Spring Fling Display

I saw this display a few days ago, and thought it was interesting because there were four heavy outfits in the window, each different to the next (except for the fact that they had the Pakistani trend of longer hems/kameezes).

What I did like was that there was a variety of designers/styles on display - the first two are paler colours, golds and creams with floral work (which is quite in trend at the moment), and the second two are deeper colours. It's not often you see a heavy black outfit, but they're starting to come into the shops more often! I also recognised the last outfit as being a very similar to this Nomi Ansari outfit, which would make a beautiful mehndi outfit.

I didn't get time to go inside this store (I probably will the next time I go past though!), but I did like the fact that there are a few varieties of heavier outfits for customers for are looking for something which they can't necessarily go to Pakistan for. It's also quite ideal for girls looking for their bridal outfits, it's around this time of the year that a lot of brides-to-be start shopping around and looking for their bridal dresses!

My favourite outfit is probably the second one, it's girly and floral-embroidered, and idea for a spring look. It's also heavy enough to wear to a wedding (I can imagine a mother-of-the-bride in this outfit, maybe?), although I'm sure the price tag is substantial too!


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