Tuesday, 10 February 2015


I thought I'd do a quick post about my wedding cake, as this was something I received a few compliments for from my guests, and which was probably one of the easier parts of wedding preps.

I'm lucky enough to know a few bakers and cake-makers, not least of all my sister JoJo Jeenius, who has made cakes and cupcakes before for events like this. My sister ended up making our cake and some matching cupcakes, and one of my very best friends who also makes cakes, made us some cupcakes for the rest of the cake table, which made our day!

I'll admit it now, I gave my sister a little bit of a hard time about what design I wanted, becaused I wanted something pretty extravagant and she wasn't sure she could keep up with all the extravagance I wanted. Having said that, after giving her a headache about it, I told her to go with a white, gold and red colour theme to go with the rest of my stage and hall decor, and that I wanted red roses, with extras like the lace effect and ribbons, pearls and flowers added on, which I told her to decide what worked best. My sister also worked with my best friend to make sure that the cupcakes would go together, and that the theme would be the same in terms of colours, which worked pretty well.

We opted not to go for a big cake because we didn't have a huge number of guests, and we also had a lot of cupcakes. It was still three-tiered and had a beautiful rose cluster on top with diamontes, pearls and lace all over. Initially we were going to have pillars between pillars, but we got worried about how the cake would be supported by pillars and the fact that the design might look lopsided or untidy, so we didn't go with it.

My sister also wanted to make sure that each cupcak had a motif which matched the main cake, using flowers and a lace motif, which I loved because it looked subtle and pretty.

In our case, there was no need for a cake-tasting beforehand because I've tased so many of my sister's cupcakes - and I was pretty confident of the taste. You can also see the outside cupcakes below which were made by my best friend, who opted for a swirly, buttercream topping which we loved, these all had flowers on them to tie in with the main colours and theme.

When it came to the Big Day, I was pretty overwhelmed by a lot of things, not to mention feeling a little like we were in a daydream, so it was an amazing moment when the cake got brought out to the main floor and it was time for us to cut it. We loved the fact that our friends and family surrrounded us to cheer us on while we cut it, and that first bite tasted amazing!

(Even better, my husband fed me a piece, I bit my slice delicately, and then shoved a piece of cake in my husband's cake which he didn't see coming!)

I loved the cake we ended up with, mainly because it was elegant without being too much. My sister knows what a chocoholic I am, and made the biggest layer a chocolate one, the middle one vanilla sponge, and the top one a red velvet. I remember having leftover chocolate cake and cupcakes the day after our wedding and appreciating how good they were!

I'll be posting other cake ideas soon, of what I had in mind before we went with the design my sister and I ended up going with, as well as some funkier ideas I had in mind but didn't get to do!

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