Thursday, 26 February 2015

Dian Pelangi's Hijab Styling Workshop at London Fashion Week

I've been busy for a few days, this week, but I haven't been lazy! I managed to catch a Hijab Styling Workshop a few days ago with reknowned Indonesian designer Dian Pelangi, as part of a showcase for London Fashion Week. It was a very last-minute, unplanned trip which I managed to go to because I was in the area anyway, but it was a great opportunity to meet other bloggers, photographers and designers and certainly other hijabi fashionistas!

I 've been following Dian Pelangi for a couple of years now, her designs are beautiful and very, very hijab-friendly, and I love the amazing fabrics, embroidery and cuts she uses. I also love the fact that each of her designs are unique from the next, and that no two design are ever the same, with a very eclectic boho-chic style to it - you can check out some of her designs here and her Instagram page here.

Part of Dian Pelangis' appeal is that she not only designs her outfits, but acts as stylist as well, and also showcases and models her outfits and designs herself as well. She's certainly built up a following from her style, which I can see is part of the ever-growing market of modest fashion and hijab styling which is becoming very big these days.

This is Dian Pelangi at the show wearing one of her latest designers from her 2015 collection, I love that it's a maxi dress that can be compared to Pakistani fashion - I can certainly imagine wearing this to a wedding function!

During the workshop, Dian showed a few ways that of tying hijabs and scarves, in a turban style, a looser draped style, and the more Arab styles as well. I don't have clear pictures because the lighting wasn't great, and the I didn't have my DSLR, and I didn't get to make a video either, but I'm sure you can find the videos online in a few days! I did manage to speak to the designer after her show to compliment her though, and also managed to get a close-up photo of her two beautful models, who were also wearing Dian's designs.

After the workshop, I also had a look at the designs on display at the exhibition in the building, which was very interesting because it had designs from all over the world.

I even managed to find a contribution from a Pakistani designer, Hamza Bokhari, whose design combined Western Style with beautiful Eastern embroidery.

I also managed to meet a few well-known bloggers who were attending the show to support Dian Pelangi, and managed a quick chat with some of them. Below are the bloggers and hijab stylists I met, I didn't get to speak to everyone and I'm sure there were a lot more:

Amena of Pearl Daisy
Yasmine of Yaz the Spaz
Nadine of Nadoona
Fatima of Muslimah Style Guide

There were definitely a few more (and I'll update as I remember!) but these were the ones I remember most, all very lovely women who were very friendly, and very helpful when speaking to them about blogging!

I definitely had a good time, it was nice to meet other bloggers and I certainly spotted plenty of style. It was a bit of a last-minute dash from work for me, and I'd like to go to a longer event in future, but it's good to see how big the modest-wear market is getting, and the different women who are part of it.

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