Sunday, 1 March 2015

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Jumpsuits and Jackets

I've been looking out for a decent jumpsuit for a little while, and while I've seen a few designer ones, some within my budget and some a bit higher, I've been wondering whether it was worth the cost of buying a whole new outfit - particularly for a fashion trend which isn't exactly a classic look the way a kameez might be.

I've been trying to avoid buying new outfits if I didn't need to, partly because I don't get to re-wear a lot of my outfits, and partly to save money/wardrobe space. I also am a big advocate of re-wearing, re-using and re-inventing outfits, and I always try to do this with my own wardrobe in a way that my outfits look a little different each time I wear them!

So naturally when I was thinking of getting a jumpsuit/jacket combination, I realised that I already had the basics in my wardrobe. Remember this jumpsuit from my hen night and the jacket from this Eid out? Well, I'd been wondering whether I could combine the two for a hijab-friendly, Pakistani style outfit, and decided to try it the next time I had an evening out.

These are the two outfits, the jacket came with an inner slip and churidar pants, from a shop in Green Street which I'll never remember the name of (and which my husband bought for me the Eid before we got married!); and the jumpsuit was just a basic black one from Zara, although I've seen cheaper ones of these in River Island, New Look and even Primark.


This is how I wore it, I styled it with a jewel red hijab and paired with plain red court heels. I love wearing this shade of red and never get to wear it enough (especially red scarves, which I'm a little conscious of because it's so bright and risks making my face look a bit pink!).

It's not ENTIRELY hijab-friendly because the jumpsuit was fitted, although the jacket hides the curves a little and the legs at least are baggy. I also adjusted the arms by wearing sleeves with them (they're basically fabric tubes for your arms, literally sleeves by themselves), which I always use with short-sleeved tops because it makes a difference instead of having to layer too much, or wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath. Very useful for summer times!


Jumpsuit - Zara
Jacket - Green Street
Shoes - New Look
Hijab - Local market

I LOVED how easy this outfit was to put together, and how effective it looked. Everything I'm wearing in this outfit was something I already had, and can easily be found on the high street in some version or another. I've tried this with another hot pink jacket that I have, and it looked pretty good too (although a little bright), and it's a good way to re-use old outfits.

I also like the fusion of East-meets-West with this look as well, there's no need for a dupatta, and it's easy to glam it up a little with a statement necklace or bangles, ideal for a night out.

What do you think of this look? Would you try it out?


  1. Hey nafeesa, both your blogs are awesome. :) and this one especially is outstanding. Am a bit jealous of you as you have my dream wardrobe. But Masha Allah I look at your outfits and am awestruck every time. :) and I love the way you style them with matching scarves, accessories and your SHOES! I obsess over your shoes. They are all sooo lovely.
    I loved your orange kurta post and would love to know more on your casual wears like such as well.
    And hey, let's not forget about the makeup products pictures and reviews you post. You seem to have a lot of MAC in your stash. We would love to know more on your favourite MAC products and your suggestions on it for us pakistani/Indians out here. :)
    Keep inspiring. Keep shining. :)

    1. Hi Arya, thank you so much for the comments! Hahah I love my shoes too, but I'm in love with the wardrobe of so many bloggers and divas that it's amazing to see what's out there!

      I'm going to be moving onto casual wear posts more often and makeup, I'm just posting a lipstick one now! I'm not an expert on MAC but good idea, I'll post what I know. I'm also waiting for it to get warmer so I can post lighter/casual outfits, so dont worry!

      Thanks for the praise, really made my day :)

  2. is that baby bump??congratulation!!

    1. Lol, no it's just a really bad angle (and post-marriage weight that I need to lose!)
      Thanks anyway, when the time comes I'll let you all know!