Sunday, 15 March 2015

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: The Tree Clutch Bag from Raishmas

I've been eyeing up this clutch bag for a while now, from East London designers Raishma, which recently re-located to the newly-opened East Shopping Centre, and had it's official opening yesterday.

Raishma have a range of bridal, formal, and Western-inspired wear, and also carry some clutch bags and jewellery - the clutch bag range caught my eye as something beautifully made and also very, vary reasonably priced.

This is the clutch I bought, there's a good range of colours but I went with the grey with gold embellishment as it has such a pretty look and would make a lovely statement piece.

I like that Raishma have established themselves in terms of fusion fashion - I know a few friends who bought their wedding bridals from Raishma which looked amazing, but recently I've been seeing a lot of their range of ready-wear formals, which draws on various influences from English and Indian fashion, for some very pretty, wearable outfits. I also like that they are one of the few brands which have a easy to navigate website that allows you to buy their products online, ideal for those who can't come to the store.

I've seen some of the dresses in store, and love the 1920s-inspired dresses particularly, perfect to dress up for a night out, or to pair with leggings or churidar pants, throw on a scarf and making a perfect Asian suit for a function.

I was debating on whether to buy this colour, or another clutch in black with gold work, which looked a little more dramatic. I went with the grey because it's harder to find a grey clutch that looks pretty, and which also works with accessorising both Asian and Western outfits.

If you're in the area, I'd certainly recommend having a browse in Raishmas, if not for the accessories then for the pretty formals. I'll certainly be getting use from this clutch soon as I have a few events coming up very soon - what do you think of it?  Have you bought anything from this company?

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