Tuesday, 31 March 2015


I've been seeing a surge of jackets and capes in fashion trends in the last few months, and have been loving the variety that have become available. I've seen these being worn over the short kameez and cigarette trousers look, as well as skinny jeans and a simple top, and love the way it can really make a look.

I recently saw these colourful capes in clothes store Henna Mehndi, which had some cotton jackets in a variety of colours, and took the opportunity to try some on, which the staff kindly let me take photos of. I loved the ones below most, the black, white and pink print cape appealed me to more, but the one on the right was very colourful, and reminded me of a bright, Pakistani truck style pattern which I thought would be perfect to wear to a mehndi.

The print styles are harlequin print styles, and while these look a little like they may belong to the circus, I love how funky they look, and also how bright they were, making a difference from the more sober outfits I've seen!

I decided to try on the black, white and pink one print cape, which was surprisingly longer than it looked on the hanger, but was shorter at the front and had a slight tail to the back. I loved the fit of this cape, it was slightly loose on the sides (and being one size only, there's not much you can do about getting a bigger or smaller size), but it draped quite nicely, and the neon pink border stood out quite nicely.

I also tried another cape, this was a sleeveless one with chevron, zig-zag stripes and harlequin print in black, white, green and red. This one came up slightly shorter on me, and was less volumous than the first cape, but while it looked nice on the hanger, I didn't like this one was much as the first, as it looked a little too random. I do think this would make an interesting statement piece (with red shoes and red lips!) but I wouldn't have bought this one.

I didn't end up buying a cape in the end, as I couldn't decide which to buy, but the prices were very reasonable, with the cheaper cotton ones being £35, and the ones above being between £55 to £60. I think these would make a lovely accessories for summer, especially worn over a plain outfit for a more striking look. I would love to  get a printed cape or jacket for this summer, so I'll be sure to post when I do get one!

What do you think of these capes? Would you buy one?

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