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BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Sonam's Bridals in Dolly ki Doli

I watched Sonam Kapoor's latest offering Dolly ki Doli yesterday, (making the most of my bank holiday!) and loved the different outfits being showcased in the film, so thought I'd post about them. The film features Sonam playing a con-artist who marries-em-and-leaves-em - it's entertaining enough, and thankfully not a long film, although I'll leave it up to you to decide whether you like it!

There are several bridals and pretty dresses featured in this film by style icon Sonam (I think there were meant to be around 16 bridals, although there may be more!) although I won't post all of the outfits. The one thing which struck me about the outfits in this movie is that unlike other films, a lot of them have come off the Indian catwalk (as opposed to being designed specifically for the film), highlighting Indian-based designers and making them more accessible for the consumer who wants to buy the same thing.

My first example is this purple and silver Anita Dongre bridal worn by Sonam, which is available to buy from Pernia's Pop-up Shop, (although the blouse seems to be a little less heavier on the website). I also noticed that this is the same, or very similar to one of the bridal outfits Dia Mirza wore on her wedding functions.

I've noticed an increase of choli and crop tops with embellished lenghas coming into fashion again, in both Pakistani and Indian trends, and while this isn't one I can I can see myself wearing, it suits Sonam a lot, the colour is a classical one and the look is certainly very bridal.

One of my favourite dresses in this film was this simple, bright azure blue dress by a smaller company called MadSam TinZin which is a simple cut dress with a layer of printed (or maybe jamwar) fabric underneaht and work on the collar and cuffs. Like the dress above, it's available for sale on Pernia's Pop Up Shop, and looks pretty much the same. It's ideal for a dress dinner dress or even an elegant party outfit, I love the shade of blue and the fit of the dress (although I do remember having a similar cut dress like this back in the 90s, with buttons on the front!)

Another outfit that's also from the same designers MadSam TinZin is this yellow sharara outfit, which is more old school in style (and not available on the website to buy), with a sunny yellow top and bottom and embellished orange dupatta. It's a lot more like something my mum would have worn in her youth (although maybe not in yellow) and makes a perfect mehndi outfit, which Sonam carries well with her jewellery and simple make-up.

An outfit I thought was quite adventurous was a lengha from Manish Arora's Couture collection in 2014, which is a brilliantly rainbow-coloured skirt, which Sonam pairs with a gold jacket and blouse instead for a funkier, elclectic look (especially with her shades!)

Another outfit I loved was this old-style pistachio green and gold maxi gown and jacket, which Sonam created a muted, classical bridal look (which also reminds me of some Pakistani vintage bridals) complered with gorgeous pearl jewellery and jhoomar on her head.

This outfit is by Ashima Leena, and like some of the outfits above, is also available to buy from Pernia's Pop-up Shop. I love the leaf motif pattern all over the jacket, and the pretty shade of green with the gold, for a glamorous dress which would be perfect for a nikah ceremony or even a vintage-themed mehndi.

Sonam also sported a Punjabi bridal look for this film, wearing an embellished tunic with striped pants and chunky gold jewellery, for a classical red and gold look, below.

This outfit was sourced from Anupama Dayal's collection, although the one that was showcased was in yellow and parrot green, and looks a little funkier than the red and gold one above. I actually preferred the kurta in green and though it made a more stylish look with the flowy palazzo pants, but I love that Sonam's bridal look re-invents the look for a more Punjabi style. I tried to look online to see whether this top was on sale anywhere, but couldn't find it, although the designer is selling her other designs on Pernia's Pop-up Shop.

Another quick view is of an Mayyur Girotra skirt and choli, which I didn't spot myself but found through another blogger's sharp eye, I love the colourful embroidery on the top of this, contrasted with a beautiful rich silk hot pink skirt for a colourful, contemporary outfit. With this outfit, however, Sonam uses her silver jewellery and styling to create a more Gujarati look, along with pink lips and an updo.

This was another bridal which Sonam carried off, I'm not sure who designed this one, but the gold chantilly lace is pretty in-line with current trends, and with the high-necked blouse, it's done quite well with Sonam's simple jewellery.

The last bridal I wanted to post about was this pink and blue one by Jade, another Indian-based label by designers Monica and Karishma. The outfit is pretty traditional in it's style (It looked like a lengha-sari to me), with the top part being draped under the bridal necklace like a sari, and the bottom being a pretty pink and gold embellished (or perhaps gota-work) skirt, and being finished off with the dupatta in pink. I thought this was quite a pretty wedding outfit, the colour combination is lovely and the jewellery and styling works together pretty well for a soft, feminine look.

Throughout the film Sonam wears (and steals!) some really lovely jewellery, and keeps the focus on her face rather than being too blingy with jewellery or big hair. I really liked these earrings which she wears below in a chand-bali style, which look really lovely on - and means no other jewellery is needed for a dressy look.

I definitely think Sonam captures a lot of styles in this movie, she plays a Muslim, Christian, Hindu bride and branches off to Punjabi, Tamil and Gujerati in lovely styles, which are put together quite well. I also love the fact that the film promotes a lot of home-grown Indian designers, showing a diversity of style and playing with colours and looks - not to mention that a lot of the outfits above are available to buy as well, which is great for getting the look!

All images of Sonam taken from Dolly ki Doli and do not belong to me

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