Wednesday, 15 April 2015

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: The Gold Maxi Dress and Raani Haar Outfit

I've been going through my wardrobe recently, clearing out outfits I won't wear anymore and looking at outfits I can get more use out of. One outfit I definitely will be keeping is this one, a creamy-gold maxi dress with pink and purple accents, given to me by my mother-in-law as a gift when I got married.

I wore this to a family wedding a couple of weeks ago, and decided to make the most out of my wedding jewellery by re-wearing the set again (although I didn't wear the gold choker necklace this time!) I'm glad I did, it really made a difference to the outfit and added some glamour to it.

This is the dress I wore, which apparently came from Mohsin & Sons from Islamabad, Pakistan, which I was really happy to hear as I've been wanting to get something from them since one of my friends bought a gorgeous bridal outfit from them. The dress itself is amazingly stitched, not only did it have proper lining which was sewn properly, the embroidery and metal work was good quality and very tightly-knit. The necklace itself is a saat-lara haari (seven-layered necklace) style, although I opted for 5 layers instead of 7 to make it more manageable, which is why I also would call it a raani haar (queen necklace) which seems to describe most long-chained necklaces.

This is what I accessorised with, I went a little heavy with the accessories (partly because I have so many gold-coloured things!) to give a heavier look, this was for a close family wedding so I wanted something which felt appropriate without looking too bridal. I used my jewelled clutch as well as most of my bridal jewellery and some bridal bangles, finished off with a peachy hijab scarf to bring out the pink accents of the dress.

This is me wearing it, it's hard to see the several kaliyan or pleats, which add to the volume of the skirt, giving a very pretty A-Line shape. You can see though, that the pearl necklaces were low enough to not be hidden by the hijab and stood out well with the work on the neckline are, which I loved.

I loved the fit of this dress and the fact that it went well with the pink accents - I don't often wear light colours so it was nice to go with something like this and layer on the gold jewellery, as well as the lovely jewelled clutch.

I thought I'd also post a picture of the eye-makeup I did to go with the outfit, using peach and gold tones to go with the outfit. I don't always get my eyeshadow blending right (YouTube tutorials always make it look so easy) but for once I was happy with the way it looked, the colours worked well and weren't too heavily smokey or dramatic, with worked for me.

I don't think I have a lot of weddings coming up this year, so it was nice to dress up and spend time with all of the extended family, and see everyone all glammed up (not to mention a lot of naughty toddlers in pretty dresses running around!).

I'll be posting more of my casual outfits soon, as well as some budget tips (for those of you who are waiting for more of my wedding posts, I'm sorry for the wait, some of my files and pictures from the wedding have been messed up and I'm still working to recover them, but the posts are still coming!)


  1. Beautiful outfit, I'm in love with the rani haar! Where did you purchase it from?