Wednesday, 28 December 2011

MAKE-UP REVIEW: Model's Own and Diet Coke Lip Gloss Promotion

Boots are having a promotional offer this month for Christmas, in which you can buy two diet coke bottles of drink and get a free lipgloss worth £6. Model's Own and Diet Coke have teamed up to release a limited edition of lipglosses, which come in four shades, Perfect Plum, Lacquer Red, Glossy Pink and Golden Nude. The offer lasted all month (sorry girls, it ended yesterday so if you're reading this now, you've missed your chance).

This the is lipgloss I managed to get, in shade 'Golden Nude' from this promotion (I wanted the pink one but they didn't have it!), it's still a pretty colour, and it's not too dark. It also smells a bit vanilla-y, if you like that kind of thing.

The colour of the gloss itself is quite light and shimmery, it would make a great topcoat over lipstick to add a bit of glitter, or just  as a bit of light, goldish-pink colour if worn by itself. I don't normally tend to wear gold coloured gloss or lippies, but this is nice and subtle, and doesn't actually look very yellow, but rather a sheer, tinted gloss. I think for most clear glosses or light coloured ones, the look is very similar, and I like the fact that this has a bit of shimmer (rather than glitter!) in it to make it more wearable.

 Did any of you manage to snag any lip glosses? Which colour did you get?

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