Thursday, 1 December 2011

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Kareena At Madame Taussauds

Kareena's wax figure was unveiled at Blackpool's Madame Taussaud's last month, with the star herself attending to promote the opening. While the wax mode was wearing a well-known outfit from Mauja hi Mauja in 'Jab We Met' (who didn't love that song?), the real life Kareena wore a lovely cream embellished sari with a beautifully coloured blood-red raw silk blouse.

Images from Bollywoodupdate

I think it's certainly a mark of achievement for Kareena that she's landed a spot in Taussauds, and she looks great even as a wax model. She looks as glamorous as ever next to her replica, which looked extremely realistic next to the Bollywood star. The waxwork makers have done well with the making of Kareena's model, making it very realistic and of course, retaining some of that original glamour ;)

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  1. Salaam,
    love the colour of the sari blouse.
    Little Lady has an outfit the same as the black one, you bought it for her!