Wednesday, 7 December 2011

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Ribbon & Asher Jewellery

The latest accessory company I am liking a lot right now is Ribbon & Asher currently being sold in stores like Dorothy Perkins. What I like about this company is how pretty their jewellery pieces are, and the way they use metal and coloured stones to make really pretty pieces. A quick browse on their site will show how the current trend for their jewellery is dull golds, steely greys and sparkling silvers, and I think each of their pieces are quite unique and wearable for both jazzing up everyday wear as well as for party wear.

I bought this beautiful bracelet from Ribbon & Asher a couple of weeks ago, as I absolutely loved how pretty it was. I particularly like how intricate the patterns of the bracelet was, with it reminding me of various styles from Celtic, Indian and even a boho-chic style. It's great for accessorising most of my outfits to add a bit of glam factor, and looks quite luxurious without being OTT.

My sister also bought a pretty ring from Ribbon & Asher as well which looked beautifully crafted, made from gold-coloured metal, black stone, diamante and hanging beads.
What I also like about this ring is how well it captures the femininity of the style, as well as showing the current trends of today's fashion with the steely greys and the feminine golds. Its the sort of ring which makes a good statement piece, while at the same time isn't too blingy, with the right amount of sparkly :)

I'd definitely recommend Ribbon and Asher to you readers, the next time you pass a Dorothy Perkins store (or you can browse online, of course), definitely have a look through their jewellery, it's not pricey at all, it's very wearable, and I certainly think that this company is on it's way to becoming one of the next hottest things.


  1. I wouldn't have expected a range like this from Dorothy Perkins, will definitely be checking these out next time I'm in store - thanks for the tip :)

  2. Salaam hon,
    I am a big fan of Ribbon and Asher, very well-crafted, look a lot more expensive thaan they are, particulalrly if you keep an eye out in the sales, you can pick up pretty piices for next to nothing.

  3. I love this range too! saw it a few months back and was really surprised, they have some really pretty pieces.