Monday, 5 December 2011

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Sonali Bendre's Swishy Dresses in Major Saab

I've always been a fan of Sonali Bendre's graceful style, and a look back to some of her earlier films shows how she still manages to retain her elegant style, especially with her willowy figure. One example of this is her simple anarkali dresses in one of her films, Major Saab, where the theme is fitted, long dresses, fitted sleeves, and flowy skirts. What I also like about these dresses is not only how they accentuate the figure, but also how wearable and feminine they are for the modern consumer.

(Apologies in advance for the lovey-dovey poses and the slightly blurry images!)

First up is Sonali's light pink number, which appears to consist of chiffon and lace, which makes a very pretty dress. I also like how simple the style of the dress is, focusing on the cut and the shape of it.

Secondly is Sonali's red velvet and white dress, which I think is still quite contemporary for today's standards, as it's shape and the use of velvet is still something very much seen today. I also like how the combination of these two colours look quite nice together, giving a rich yet simple look.

And lastly is this lilac and rich black number, which in terms of the design isn't too brilliant, as I wasn't keen on the bust part. However I did like how it tied in with being a fitted anarkali style dress, with fitted long sleeves and churidar bottoms which gives a very slender, attractive look.

All images belong to producers/directors of Major Saab

Overall, I love the graceful look of these long dresses, as well as Sonali's own elegant style herself. Although this is quite a typical look for the '90s era, it's still one that looks very pretty and something which could still be worn today.


  1. I particularly loved the red one! Still remember wanting her outfits.

  2. Me too, I was very envious of Sonali's figure back then!