Wednesday, 21 December 2011

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Aamna Sharif's Sweet Style in Aloo Chaat

Aloo Chaat, for model and actress Amna Sharif was her debut Bollywood venture, and it did well enough for her to be recognised as the beauty she is. The film itself follows a sweet, light-hearted story of an Indian man trying to find a way to win his parents around the idea of him marrying his Pakistani girlfriend - with the help of an English girl of course! What I'd like to look at is the rich, colourful outfits worn by Aamna in this film, and her different styles.

The first outfit which stood out in this film is this richly embellished green lengha suit, which has a lovely mix of colours to suit the mehndi/wedding scene's atmosphere. I love how Aamna's outfit is considerably modest yet doesn't shy away from pretty jewellery, certainly her tikka and her bangles look beautiful on her, and the draping of her duppatta adds some extra elegance.


Throughout the film, Aamna maintains a modest, simple look with her clothes, mostly leaning towards pretty, feminine salwar kameez outfits or churidar-kameez outfits which emphasis her figure without taking over her general look. I also like how her make-up stays subtle for each of her looks: while her make-up is still visible (such as her striking eyeliner), it doesn't look over the top, and suits each outfit well.

(I especially LOVE the outfit in this last picture - the funky shoes really complete the outfit!)

Lastly, the outfit I loved the most in this film is this anarkali style dress, which is a surprising pick for me as I am not a big fan of orange clothes at all. Yet this dress is beautifully made - from the gold jamawar print to the fitted sleeves to the diamante, embellished paisleys. I like how simple this look is, yet is also has a lovely sense of luxuriousness to it which can easily be dressed up for a special event as well as made to look effortless.


All images belong to producers/directors of Aloo Chaat

I think there are some very pretty outfits in this film, and Aamna Sharif looks quite stunning in her debut film for Bollywood. I also like how they tried to retain a slightly traditional look for this this character, and how they use a colourful palette for her clothes, and Aamna looks like she had a lot of fun wearing them in this film :)


  1. This Amna sharif is born and bred Indian - she was actually in a soap to begin with in which she dressed really well - her style is always very feminine and pretty and she herself is gorgeous!!

  2. Oops, you're right! Amended the post! I think I got confused because her name is a Muslim one. But yets, she's very pretty and she did look nice in this film!

  3. I love Amna Sharif! She was soooo pretty in that soap on Star Plus. I understand why you thought she was pakistani. I thought she looked so pakistani when I saw her on star plus because she dresses in Shalwar Kameez in a rather modest way, and there's something about her features too that just led me to assume she was pakistani.

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