Thursday, 29 December 2011

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Deep Red Raw Silk Dress by HSY - Smart and Stylish

Pakistani label HSY often has their own range of westernised outfits alongside their bridal and formal wear, which is also quite popular. I quite like this design below as it captures the idea of a over-coat style dress made from raw silk, and it is an outfit which is all about the cut of the dress, rather than the design or embellishment.

Image belongs to HSY website

One of my friends was looking into a simple wedding dress a while back when she about to get married, and this was one of the designs she really loved, as it was simple design, yet was such a wonderfully rich red. Also, it is a very flattering shape, which can be appropriately altered to be longer or short according to what suits you. She ended up with a tea-pink outfit in the end, but still loved this one nevertheless! I love how smart this dress looks, and how the rich colour of the outfit really stands out rather than overpowering the outfit. Definitely an outfit I'd love to wear with my 'English' clothes, it would certainly look great as a fancy coat and wouldn't need much accessorising to spice it up.

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  1. I think that every thing looks so much better and hotter in red! loved this dress and HSY really is the king of fashion in Pakistan.