Thursday, 8 December 2011


Luxury French designer brand Hermès have released their latest collection of fashionwear - limited edition saris, which have been designed to tap into the Indian fashion market. And personally, I quite like what I am seeing with these designs. With dreamy, rich colours, printed silks and elegant drapes, these saris are something which appeal to the potential, and certainly something which catches the eye.

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This is a huge difference to the sari-inspired collection released by the designer brand only a few months ago, which actually opened its flagship store in India back in 2008. As you can see from the designs below, there was less of a sari style than an 'ethnic' theme which the company wanted to capture, with bold autumn colours and gold borders. Unsurprisingly (to me anyway), this was not a huge success, possible because of the confused style of clothes these designs tried to create, and the fact that they didn't seem very practical to wear. These designs seem more of a novelty rather than showing what true saris really look like.

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Suffice to say, I think the newly released Hermès sari's are quite sumptious, the colours are rich, they drape on the body beautifully and they certainly give off a look of luxury. I'm sure these limited edition saris don't come cheap, and made from silk, it's certainly a luxury item (especially as they are limited editions too). Anyone seen anymore designs of these saris?


  1. These launched back in Oct and are very expensive, they start at 3lakh Indian Rupees - that's over £3000! Purely for the brand conscious Uber Rich!!

  2. Salaam,
    The sari's are very pretty, nice colours too.
    But compared to what amazing creations Pakistani and Indian designers have been coming up with, a little boring. It almost feels like a lazy attempt to make money through some generic/classic? pieces.
    I totally agree with SuperSummer's comment.