Wednesday, 14 December 2011

HIGH STREET DESIGNS: Kundan Jewellery From Bees

I love this season's range from Bees. In an earlier post I have pointed out how pretty their jewellery pieces are, and my opinion has not changed since. I also love how each piece of jewellery seems so unique and well crafted, and are very wearable pieces. Here are a few examples of the kundan jewellery being sold at their store now, and the different colours and collections they come in. I'm a big fan of kundan jewellery and I think that Bees has managed to create a lovely collection. Considering also how a lot of their jewellery are used for wedding occasions and matched with bridal outfits, their prices for their jewellery is very reasonable. I'm considering buying a simple white and gold kundan set in a polki style (which is basically a simpler necklace set with the focus more on a pendant than a whole, heavy shebang), to go with some of my outfits, as I have seen some very reasonably priced sets which would suit a lot of my outfits. I also love the Mughal touch that these jewellery give to an outfit, and think that Bees have captured the look very well.

Images taken from Bees catalogue

My favourite item of jewellery from their collection though, has to be the hair piece in the picture above, which is traditionally the sort of accessory worn by a bride on her mehndi night. I love how well-made it appears to be, and how luxurious it looks. I'm a big fan of parandey and hair accessories like these (I have a few parandey of my own of course) and I like how pretty they look without taking over your face. This is a great way to accessorise your hair in a way that will really stand out. I've only ever seen this kind of style in very few shops in London, and this is one of the more nicer ones :)
Anyone bought anything nice from Bees lately?


  1. I really liked the latest selection of peices in their catalogue too. Lots of green bling to kep me happy.

    I also liked tht they used a darker-skinned model, its not often South Asian retailers will use someone that isn't super fair-skinned.

  2. Yes I thought this was a very good way of branching out, I've come across many non-asians who love this type of jewellery and this is such a good way to appeal to them.

  3. OMG that green set is VERY VERY similar to one my mum brought from pakistan for my wedding! Even so that i said 'what' out loud LOL

  4. Hi Curly Fry! Please can you get in contact with Sushil from Bees - got some exciting things to run by you and we can't find your contact details!

    Thank you!