Wednesday, 28 December 2011

BRIDAL COUTURE: Bridal Sutra Adverts by Lakme

I love this series of Bridal Sutra adverts from Indian salon and make-up brand, Lakme, each of which look as beautiful and sultry as the last. These adverts are from a couple of years ago, but they still look very applicable to today's trends, and look very, very appealing. With designers and artists such as Subyasaachi and Anamika Khanna conceptualising the looks, to advertise Lakme products, I think these designers managed to cover a wide range of looks and create some beautiful images.

Images belong to Lakme brand

I like how although this range is targeted at a bridal point of view, the make-up looks and styles themselves are still something than can be applied for any occasion. I also the fact that each advert (and on the websites) show a breakdown of products used so that you can see how the look was achieved with the different make up products. Another aspect I liked was how each advert tries to combine a traditional look with a more modern, Westernised one; beautiful outfits combined with a twist such as dramatic hair or accessories.
There are some very beautiful, rich colours being used here, and what I like is how 'polished' each look appears. I think my favourite is the first one, since the pink looks both flattering in the outfit and the make-up, plus I'm a suck for extravagant, finely drawn, eyeliner :)

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