Saturday, 11 April 2015

THE WEDDING POSTS: The (Other) Wedding Clutch

I already posted about my wedding clutch, but I also wanted to post about this clutch which I ordered first. I ordered this from Aeysha of Kapray Shapray, who also got my wedding jewellery customised and ordered for me via Lahore, which was a huge help.

I've been hankering after a jewelled clutch for a while, and the ones I've seen around London and online were not really amazing, either they were too clunky, the stones didn't look great quality or the prices were too high.

The clutch below was sent to be after I selected from a bunch of designs (I nearly went for a gold one with gold and silver stones, but I can't resist colourful things), and is actually smaller than it looks, which I love because it looks so much more delicate and pretty.

I didn't go for this clutch on the wedding day in the end, because the colours didn't pick out the accents of my wedding skirt (the blues and the greens), so I kept it as a back-up. I considered using this clutch with my mehndi bridal outfit instead, but I wanted a simple look for the mehdni and didn't think a clutch bag would be much use.

I have used this clutch bag a good few times though, and I love the workmanship and the beautiful stones all over the clutch - it's an ideal statement piece for a simple outfit!

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