Saturday, 28 March 2015

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: The Mint Green Maxi Dress

I've had this dress for a while, and haven't gotten much wear out of it for a while (by which I mean, at least a couple of years!) and remembered it while going through my wardrobe a week or two ago. I bought this outfit from Bombay Looks based in East London, which carried this outfit in quite a few colours - I seen a variation of this through the last couple of years in the shops, and I think there's still similar looking maxi dresses in the store now.

I was quite pleased that it still fit me (it was a little loose on me when I bought it), and it's in a lovely shade of mint/sea-green which is a perfect colour for this season and for summer. The best thing about this dress is that even though there's not a lot of work, and it's not heavy, the skirt has a lot of material and it's very swishy. It also didn't need anything underneath as it came to below my ankles and the dupatta which came with it came in handy to wear as a hijab scarf.

Here's me twirling around, I was trying to show much much volume the skirt had, and how flattering it was - it really felt effortless on. The dress was originally sleeveless, so I had long sleeves sewn on in the same colour, which really made a difference to the dress and gave it a more modest look - which I was relieved with, as there are some sleeveless dresses which just don't work with sleeves!

I'm sure you can tell I had a lot of fun wearing this dress, and took the opportunity to do a few girly twirls in it. I love the fact that it elongated my figure as well, making me look taller and slimmer, as well as the fact that it didn't need much accessorising at all.

It's not often I get to wear maxi dresses, and I'm sure I'll be getting more wear out of this during the summer - this shade of green is very on trend at the moment, and it's very easy to wear. I usually have a separate dupatta with my outfits as well as my hijab scarf, but with this dress I didn't feel the need, it felt more of a Westernised dress and was quite flowy enough that it didn't need another scarf!


  1. So whimsy and beautiful. I love this color!

    1. Thank you, love this shade of green, perfect for summer!