Thursday, 26 March 2015


So surprisingly, I've never had anything from Bata before (nor did my parents, I think, but I could be wrong), so I never used to see these in the house.

Having said that. I now have my very own Bata chappal shoes from a brand which is actually quite trendy, and has moved on from the cliche styles that we used to make fun of! I also like the fact that their designs are becoming in-line with high street and designer trends, so that they don't remind you of your parent's slippers!

I picked up this pair from, of all places, TK Makk (I believe it's know as TJ Maxx in America), in a pretty powder blue colour which really appealed to me because I though it was a lovely shade to have for summer. I also like the fact that they're slightly sandals-y, and have a slingback look which makes them feel more casual too.

I've already manage to try them on today and wander around up the street (to the nearby, teeny park with my DSLR for a few minutes, and then back!) and they're super comfy. One of my sisters said they're too pointy and that she didn't like them, but what does she know.

I'm already thinking of different outfits I can wear this with to work (or on a holiday!), and I'll be sure to post my results!

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