Monday, 29 May 2017

Tamese & Jackson: A Halal Skincare Company

I was recently invited by halal skincare and hair product brand Tamese & Jackson to come and try their new products, at the launch of the Ramadan and Eid Gift sets a few weeks ago. I was able to see the products as well as try them out, which I was delighted to do so. Halal skin care (and even vegetarian and vegan) skin care is still a growing market, and it's great to see things which are aimed at people like me. I have heard of this brand before, and know they used to sell in Tesco and Asda so they are already fairly popular, which is a good sign.

These are the products below that I was give to try - a handwash and hand-lotion set (which is part of the gift set range) and the shampoo and conditioner set. I absolutely loved the Islamic-tile inspired packaging of the products, and can imagine these looking great in the bathroom.

The company's aim is to produce and make available halal skin products for everyday use, and as great alternatives for those looking for ethically product products:

"Tamese & Jackson, a new brand of halal-certified, wholesome (tayyib) personal care products ethically produced in the United Kingdom.
We are dedicated to supply high quality, wholesome personal care products which are halal certified, suitable for vegetarians and at prices that are affordable to all."

The company also had a launch event a few weeks ago, and I was invited with a group of fellow modest-fashion bloggers to see their products and also see what the company was about.

We started off with a drinks reception at a lovely venue called HS&Co, which provided some colourful mocktails to start with, and some yummy nachos.

We were then introduced to the company's new products, where we had a change to look at the company's adverts and products on display so we had an idea of what the new Ramadan and Eid gift sets would look like. I like that the products seem very natural-ingredients based, and fairly gentle in smell so that it feels wearable without being overpowering.

There was a really fun dress code for the event - dressing up in the company's colours of white, gold, black or blue! This is what I wore below, a black dress with gold pleated pants, slightly MC Hammer-style but I liked it! I also loved what everyone else went for - lots of white and black, blues and combinations of gold which looked amazing - you can see some of the outfits here.
We all were given a pretty rose each, and also had a chance to take pictures with a beautiful white flower wall which was made especially for the event by a flower company called Al Rouge Flowers.

Next came the food - which was an amazing three course meal of meat platters, steaks and sides to finish - I think I wasn't the only one who was stuffed by the end of the evening!

To finish off, we had cupcakes with the company's logo on them - don't they look lovely?

I really loved the floral theme which was present through the event. There were beautiful centrepieces, single roses for each guest and a couple of huge floral bouquets for scattered around.

Products: Tamese & Jackson
PR company/Event organiser: Generation M
Flowers and Flower Wall: AlRouge Flowers
Venue: HS & Co

I wanted to post a quick review of the products I got to try, as I can see that a lot of thought was put into the products, and I really like the idea of a halal skincare and shampoo brand.

This is the shampoo and conditioner I got, which had a lovely fragrance of lime, reyhan plant and ginger extract. I normally don't vary my hair treatments too much as my hair is pretty long and I need something gentle for it - this set was quite good because it cleans my hair nicely without making it feel dry, just what I need!

I also really liked the hand wash and hand lotion set I was given, which look great in my bathroom. Again, these have the same lime, reyhan and ginger extract smell to them, which feel lovely on my hand and don't feel drying.

I am really liking the fact that companies are starting to recognise that there is a demand for halal skincare, as well as ethically-produced products. I can certainly see that this is something which has potential to become bigger, and I really like the fact that this has come about because of the influence of ordinary Muslims like myself and the people I know.

Tamese & Jackson are available to buy from their website, at Modestrove and Amazon. Have you tried this brand? What do you think of their products?

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  1. Very nicely arranged and well-managed event! Everything looks so good and impressive. I have not tried their products yet but look forward to buy them for Eid gift.