Monday, 8 May 2017

#STYLE ICON: Queen Rania

I thought I'd do a series of posts of real women who I see as style icons, and who inspire me through their amazing outfits and style. It's always great

I've always been a fan of Jordanian royalty, Queen Rania - she's a wonderful dresser, a beautiful woman, and has always managed to maintain modesty wear with elegance. I also really like the fact that she's not just royalty, but has worked hard to establish educational initiatives, women's rights and community empowerment in her country (and apparently she's Victoria Beckham's style icon too!)

Here are a few of my favourite ensembles worn by the queen from the last year or so which has caught my eye. A lot of these are outfits at formal events, but I love how well put-together these are, and elegant they look.

I also liked these two outfits below - one traditional and one more Western. I like how classic both of these are, and can imagine them both being worn for a variety of events.

I also really liked these two smarter outfits, which would make perfect smart-wear for work, and could easily be modified with a longer shirt or a smart jacket on top as well.

Queen Rania is quite well-known for her outfits over the years, and has a few iconic looks from her earlier years which I love. Here are a few of my favourites she's been seen wearing in the past which I've loved, again most of these are evening dresses, but I love how elegant they all look.

I also really liked these two outfits below, the one on the left if by Elie Saab (although I'm not sure who the embroidered pink one is by on the right). One of the things I really like about the Queen's dress sense is that a lot of her outfits have been seen on the catwalk and look more revealing, but have been subtly altered when worn by Queen Rania so that her shoulders and chest are more covered and gives a a more modest look.

I also love the fact that the Queen has worn her coronation outfit more than one - re-wearing outfits and still looking great!

I could post hundreds more of Queen Rania's outfits, but I'll let you search for them yourself soy ou can see her style as well. I'll be posting more of my style inspirations in the future - let me know what you thought of this one!

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  1. I am highly impressed by the dressing of queen Rania. She has always been spotted in an elegant and classy dressing just suitable for the event. Beauty and class shows in her style.