Saturday, 16 February 2013

COLOUR COMBINATIONS LOVES: Peaches and Pastels by Maria B

I've been a fan of Maria B outfits for a while, because of the beautiful colours, and the lovely work that is on her clothes - I've seen a few designs up close too and quite like the quality of her work. This is one such outfit that I love, the colours are very flattering, soft and feminine, and the mix of shades of peach and corally-pinks are beautiful. I've never been a huge fan of pastel colours in the past (think 90s lilac and sky blues!), because they don't suit me, but they've started to grow on me recently because of the flattering tones and the fresh shades that are currently being used.

This outfit below would make a beautiful bridal outfit, and it's slightly less traditional looking than her usual outfits, as this one has a slight 'ball-gown' look to the skirt. The colours used, though are lovely and can't go wrong in any outfit!

Image from Maria B Facebook group

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